The conference will be held at the grounds of the Hellenic Mediterranean University and more specifically at the new state of-the-art building complex of the School of Health Sciences.

The School of Health Sciences is built next to the University’s department of Agriculture, so it enjoys a pristine view and a calm and relaxing environment amidst a large olive grove and the University’s agricultural park (accessible to the public). Next to the conference venue there is a coffee shop that accommodates for both students’ and academics’ needs.

The venue is located very close to the city of Heraklion (approximately 10 minutes by car depending on traffic conditions) and can be accessible by the following ways:

A private bus, The coach will depart at 09.15 tomorrow Friday from the Statue of Eleftherios Venizelos close to Eleftherias Square. You can find a link to the exact location below. The coach will depart from the conference venue at 15.45.

By taxi with a fare from 9 to 11 euros depending on the traffic.
The local public bus service. In addition to the free bus shuttle that will transport conference delegates to /from the conference venue at the Hellenic Mediterranean University, delegates can also use public transportation (bus services) running to/from the university at their own convenience/discretion. The bus stop at the university will drop passengers/delegates at the main entrance of the university. You will then have to walk approximately 5 minutes downhill (through a university private road) in order to reach the conference venue.

Buses from city centre (“Platia Eleftherias”) to Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU)*

Bus number 12 departs from city centre bus stop to Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU) bus stop. The bus stop is just outside the University campus. The duration of the trip is approximately 15 – 20 minutes in length (about 17 stops) depending on traffic conditions. Please allow ample time for your journey because the bus crosses some of the most congested parts of the city. The cost of bus ticket is 1.50 euros and you have to buy one for each leg of your journey. You can purchase your ticket from an automatic ticket teller at the city centre bus stop. It is advisable to purchase multiple tickets at any time (packs of 2 or 4). There are no return tickets sold.

The timetable from the city centre to the university is as follows:

Departs from city centre Arrive at HMUDuration
08:51 09:07 16 minutes
08:46 09:10 24 minutes
09:06 09:30 33 minutes
09:21 09:37 16 minutes
09:3409:5016 minutes
09.4910.0516 minutes
10:07 10:27 20 minutes
10:2110:37 16 minutes
10:31 10:47 16 minutes
10:35 10:58 23 minutes
10:48 11:04 16 minutes
11:07 11:30 23 minutes

Buses from Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU) to city centre (“Platia Eleftherias”)*

There are two (2) bus services running from the university to the city centre. Bus numbers 01 and 07. Bus schedule times near the end of the daily activities are as follows:

Departs from MHU Arrive at city centreBus ServiceDuration
15:0815:3201 24 minutes
15:2315:4807 25 minutes
15:3816:0201 24 minutes
15:5316:1807 25 minutes
16:0816:3301 25 minutes
16:2216:4607 25 minutes
16:3817:0301 25 minutes
16:5217:1607 24 minutes
17:0717:3301 26 minutes
17:2517:520727 minutes

* Please note that bus schedule times are correct at the time of writing, and may depend on local traffic conditions at the day. Conference organisers do not carry any responsibility for the alteration of bus schedule times.
** For the most adventurous of you, further information and bus times for the HMU bus stop (“Athitaki” – «Αθητάκη») can be found under the 1108 bus stop identifier at the municipal telematics network.

Bus stop Eleftheria
Bus Stop at the city centre (“Platia Eleftherias”)