The conference will be held at the grounds of the Hellenic Mediterranean University and more specifically at the new state of-the-art building complex of the School of Health Sciences.

The School of Health Sciences is built next to the University’s department of Agriculture, so it enjoys a pristine view and a calm and relaxing environment amidst a large olive grove and the University’s agricultural park (accessible to the public). Next to the conference venue there is a coffee shop that accommodates for both students’ and academics’ needs.

The venue is located very close to the city of Heraklion (approximately 10 minutes by car depending on traffic conditions) and can be accessible by the following ways:

-A private bus, hired by the conference organizers, which will depart from downtown Heraklion in the morning and will return late in the afternoon.
-The local public bus service (the local bus service operates approximately two (2) services per hour to/from the university to the city centre, we will provide timetable in due time).
-By taxi (we will provide information about a typical fare to the city centre in due time).