Savvas Papagiannidis
Newcastle University, UK

Prof. Savvas Papagiannidis is the David Goldman Professor of Innovation & Enterprise and the Head of Information Systems and Operations Group at Newcastle University. His research interests revolve around electronic business and its various sub-domains and how digital technologies can transform organisations and societies alike. More specifically, his research aims to inform our understanding of how e-business technologies affect the social and business environment, organisational strategies and business models, and how these are implemented in terms of functional innovations (especially in emarketing and ecommerce). His work puts strong emphasis on innovation, new value creation and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities, within the context of different industries. Apart from the impact that the Internet and related technologies can have on businesses, he is also very much interested in the impact such technologies can have on individual users. Savvas is an Associate Editor for Technological Forecasting and Social Change and the International Journal of Information Management.